The backbone of your hospital, employees run the place in a variety of roles, from cleaning the floors to performing advanced procedures. Your staff have various skills, some of which dictate the departments and rooms they can work in, and traits, which can be positive, negative or both and affect their job performance and other aspects of their employment.

Skills Edit

Staff working in your hospital have various skills that relate to general patient care or specific duties. Some tasks cannot be performed if a staff member does not have the required skill and the higher the skill level, the more efficiently or well they will perform the task.

Traits Edit

Each staff member you employ is unique, possessing a number of traits that change how they work. Some traits are hidden, and can be revealed by paying the hiring agency $1,000 to reveal them (already employed staff). According to game files, these traits can be positive, negative or "double-edged" (they can help or hinder depending on how you use the staff in question).

Positive traits
Trait Description
Goodboss-0 Good Boss Improves satisfaction of supervised colleagues every morning.
Fastlearner-0 Fast learner Can level skills much faster.
Spartan All needs are reduced much slower.
Scholar Uses free time to study.
People person Reveals hidden perks of people after interacting with them.
Gamer Resting is much faster.
Practical diagnoses 20% bonus experience to diagnoses skill, after successful diagnosis.
Restzistance Rest levels decrease slower.
Clean feet Very clean shoes. Does not make the floor dirty.
Hard worker Does not take free time breaks.
Loyal Takes 20% less salary when leveling up.
Negative traits
Trait Description
Slow learner Learning skills is much slower.
Long commute Long drive from home. Can be often late for work.
Alcoholic Will often show up late and hungover.
Fast metabolism Hunger increases much faster.
Dirty feet Very dirty shoes. Leaves dirt everywhere.
Fresh parent Rest levels decrease faster.
Germophobe Washes hands three times to be sure.
Unpleasant Gives "mean staff" modifier after interacting with patient.
Depressed Gives "depressed" modifier to him/her self.
Hedonist Spends twice as much time enjoying food.
Double-edged traits
Trait Description
Early bird Works much more efficiently during the day.
Night owl Works much more efficiently during the night.
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